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Trustee Members

R. C. Virutkar
Rajeshwar Virutkar
At. Zuli, Post. Pandhurna, Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
S. V. Zade
Ms.Savita Zade
Gurudeo Ward, Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
R. K. Bobade
Ranjit Bobade
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
C. M. Choudhary
Charudatt Choudhari
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal


Completed Projects

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Name of Project:
Evolving and Stabilizing Standard Package of Practices in Crop Management Creating Sustainable Livelihood (SRTT-SBI)

This project has been sponsored by Sir Ratan Tata trust, Mumbai under its Sukhi Baliraja Initiative which is being run in 5 villages & covering 104 farmers from Ghatanji Block of Yavatmal District. The aim of the project is to increase yield of cotton e. Soil & water conservation is the all important activity, therefore it was carried out in the farms of the farmers. Apart from agricultural operations some NTFP based interventions were carried out for strengthening support livelihood through Lac Cultivation and Honey. In order to enhance the process of women empowerment SHG promotion & bank linkage was carried out in the selkected villaged. This is being the first year of the project.

Salient Features
  • Developed standard package of cotton practices and diversification of crop.(Panchasutri Programme) with the involvement of 105 farmers from five villages of Ghatanji block. Indirectly we could reach up to 400 farmers of these five villages.
  • Yield of cotton has been increased up to 1.5 quintal cotton per acre by introduction of standard package practices.
  • Soil fertility of agriculture land has definitely been increased as the productivity is increased with very moderate use of outer inputs.
  • Soil & water conservation measures have been carried out & 134 ha of land has been treated with contour bunds, gully plugs & raised 5 farm ponds.
  • Net returns of farmers /family has definitely been increased as production cost has been reduced & simultaneously production is increased up to 1.5 quintal per acre
  • Lac Cultivation and Honey harvesting was introduced this has helped to some extent to strengthen the livelihood support.
  • Promoted 15 SHG’s & developed mechanism for Linkages with Govt. and other agencies & efforts made to strengthen the women through SHG programme.
The project has recently been completed & majority of the objectives have been achieved

Programmes & Activities

Organic Farming Programme
» Carried out Vidarbha Package on organic farming sponsored jointly by State & Central Government, Agriculture Department.

Future Plans

Support for enhancing agricultural, small scale industries production ( being run by women), Processing & Marketing through producers company

Vikasganga Ssamajsevi Sanstha

Pandhurna (kd)
At & Po. Nehru Nagar,
Ghatanji Dist. Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India
Phone No: 07230 - 277018 / 277317
Mobile No: +919423331480