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Trustee Members

R. K. Bobade
Ranjit Bobade
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
S. V. Zade
Ms.Savita Zade
Gurudeo Ward, Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
R. C. Virutkar
Rajeshwar Virutkar
At. Zuli, Post. Pandhurna, Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
C. M. Choudhary
Charudatt Choudhari
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal


Programmes & Activities - Participation of children

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Participation of children:
  • The students come forward for jointly working by forgetting sex, castes, capacity & discrimination.
  • The students actively participate in school or society level activities.
  • The students participate in decision-making.
  •  The opinions of students are considered & honored.
  • Active role of village level volunteers & SHG members in school development activities.
  • Nearness creates in school & society among teacher- guardian union, guardian-mother union & village education committee.
  • The society having get information realize the importance of child rights & sex equality.
  • The support from different government offices derives for becoming a school as village development center.
  • Preparation & Implementation of action plan after analyzing the collected village level data.
Expected Changes:
Among Children:
  • Enhancement in confidence / leadership qualities developed.
  • Habit of solving self-problems / feeling of co-operation.
  •  Awareness about self-rights.
  • Awareness about village level problems.
  • Importance of self-participation, confidence about we can make the change.
  • Fondness will increase among children about school syllabus & the school,
School level:
  • Children’s participation in school programmes.
  • The students participate in decision-making.
  • Awareness about school sanitation.
  • Inclination of children will increase towards teaching aids.
  • Teacher’s participation will increase.
Village level:
  • Awareness about problems of village & sanitation of a village.
  • A concept of village participation will come forward.
  • Scientific perspective of villagers will be developed.
  • The villagers will feel nearness of school & children.
  • Discussion will be started about village development.
  • Participation of volunteers will be enhanced in village development.
  • Activeness of guardian-union will be encouraged.
  • Participation of village education committee will be encouraged.


Programmes & Activities

Organic Farming Programme
» Carried out Vidarbha Package on organic farming sponsored jointly by State & Central Government, Agriculture Department.

Future Plans

Support for enhancing agricultural, small scale industries production ( being run by women), Processing & Marketing through producers company

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