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Trustee Members

R. C. Virutkar
Rajeshwar Virutkar
At. Zuli, Post. Pandhurna, Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
S. V. Zade
Ms.Savita Zade
Gurudeo Ward, Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
R. K. Bobade
Ranjit Bobade
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
C. M. Choudhary
Charudatt Choudhari
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal


Ongoing Projects - Page 2

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2. Title of Project:
“To implant Jeevan sanskar values in school students”

Introduction of the Programme
Jeevan Sanskar Project is being run by Vikasganga Samajsevi Sanstha, Ghatanji from December, 2009 with the support of Jamsetji Tata Trust, Mumbai. Base line survey was conducted of 30 schools those are included in this project. This programme is targeted for 6000 students & will be implemented in 30 schools.

In life school activity the education of student takes place in school as well as out side the school. The student can acquire better knowledge about environment through life school. Necessary information so collected about life skills are adopted for leading healthy life. Participation of guardian, society, municipality & government officials is sought in enriching study & therefore, the school becomes the laboratory of development. Children are naturally curious, enquiring, imaginary & love to try out things. Children can be nurtured to become imaginative & creative little scientist. If these tender teenagers are shaped well, the nation will be stronger in near future in all aspects.

The central concept of life school study is based on a project method & hence all the students’ enthusiastically participate in study process. The project is not prepared merely on the conceptual ideas but it is need based & it has been seen that the students can learn much more things from the social environment. The students’ get inspired to learn through the experience occurred to them & also through the actions. Being the study happening through project method it not only helps building up different capacities of students but also helps in enhancing their knowledge. The students merely do not learn life skills; but they utilize it in their dealings & also come forward as ambassadors for change. They reach the acquired information to their friends, family & even the society. The activities of life school are not different from the social life & they inspire the village level different organizations, elected members School level & governmental officials for seeking support of students. Overall the life school is proving to be the basic formula of life.

Expected Outcome of this project:
Among Children:
  • Enhancement in confidence / leadership qualities developed.
  • Habit of solving self-problems / feeling of co-operation.
  • Awareness about self-rights.
  • Awareness about village level problems.
  • Importance of self-participation, confidence about we can make the change.
  • Fondness will increase among children about school syllabus & the school.
  • Children’s participation in school programmes.
  • The students participate in decision-making.
  • Awareness about school sanitation.
  • Inclination of children will increase towards teaching aids.
  • Teacher’s participation will increase.
Village level:
  • Awareness about problems of village & sanitation of a village.
  • A concept of village participation will come forward.
  • Scientific perspective of villagers will be developed.
  • The villagers will feel nearness of school & children.
  • Discussion will be started about village development.
  • Participation of volunteers will be enhanced in village development.
  • Activeness of guardian-union will be encouraged.
  • Participation of village education committee will be encouraged.


Programmes & Activities

Organic Farming Programme
» Carried out Vidarbha Package on organic farming sponsored jointly by State & Central Government, Agriculture Department.

Future Plans

Support for enhancing agricultural, small scale industries production ( being run by women), Processing & Marketing through producers company

Vikasganga Ssamajsevi Sanstha

Pandhurna (kd)
At & Po. Nehru Nagar,
Ghatanji Dist. Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India
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