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Organic Farming

Organic Farming

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Trustee Members

R. C. Virutkar   Rajeshwar Virutkar
At. Zuli, Post. Pandhurna, Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
S. V. Zade   Ms.Savita Zade
Gurudeo Ward, Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
R. K. Bobade   Ranjit Bobade
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal
C. M. Choudhary   Charudatt Choudhari
At. Pandhurna (Kd), Tq. Ghatanji, Dist. Yavatmal

Welcome to Vikasganga

Meeting with Dr. Sohi & Amitanshu Choudhary "Vikasganga" is a Non- Governmental Voluntary Organization established on 7th February 1996. A group of young social workers which, was earlier working with "Association for Sarva Seva Farms, (ASSEFA)" Chennai an international network through its one of the Gram Sabhas named Pandhurna. The group has gained good knowledge of working with people through participating them while working with ASSEFA. ASSEFA had winded up its work in Maharashtra State & therefore, the group has decided to establish a new organization and thus "Vikasganga" has come in to existence.

VIKASGANGA is a grass root level Organization working for the development of the neglected sections of the society especially the tribal communities, Gond and Kolam. The organization was registered under society’s registration Act, & Bombay Public trust Act as well. Its main stress is on strengthening the livelihood base of targeted people for whom it works.
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Our Goal

Our Goal
“To develop tribal, scheduled castes, nomadic tribes, poor and exploited women, farmers, youth and children like deprived sections by creating faith, unity, equality, brotherhood & peace among all the sections of the society.”